About us

About us

Solutions just for you

Experience working with organisations of different sizes, in the North West and across the UK, helps Monton Marketing provide support at any level. From part-time support (for example, to deliver a specific marketing action plan) up to planning and development of a full marketing and PR strategy.

Making your budget work for you

As a virtual marketing department, we can help you focus on your specific goals. For example, they may be:

  • We need to increase sales
  • This month we must find a way to retain our existing customers
  • I need a quick fix to tell people about this product
  • The company’s profile needs to be higher in the target market group

Whether you need support for a complete strategy, or just a way to get the best value for money for a monthly budget – we can help.

Monton Marketing consists of several dedicated professionals with skills from high level strategy to thorough, basic administration.

Recent projects (including our volunteering arm) :

  • Marketing Manager for Diagnostic Healthcare - website development, sales building, customer sourcing, etc.
  • Marketing Manager for Data Shepherd, Digital marketing campaigns, customer development, website management and content, Social Media Strategy and delivery, brand and awareness building in the busines community, PR activity
  • Head of Marketing for Eccles Shopping Centre
  • Developed Eccles Christmas Markets every Saturday in December 2015 and 2016
  • We ran MVCA's annual summer Festival from 2013 to 2017
  • Marketing Director for The Birdhouse Fund presents V Day. (Major charity event at Manchester City Council's Town Hall, and again at 'The Bird Cage)
  • Event Manager for the Institute of Financial Accountants
  • Website review for Brenntag (second biggest chemical distribution company in the world)
  • Supporting Salford Council with marketing work for Eccles