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With years of experience marketing for charities and not for profit organisations, I know all about the limitations of making the most of small budgets. With no money for ads, you have to be sure that any advertising will pay for itself, either with additional revenue or by achieving a specific goal for the charity. Here are some top tips for charity marketing on a budget…

COMMUNICATIONS: Do you have special messages you need to send to members? Think about Mailings, (logistics, postage printing etc) words and copy, design, e-brochures, website re-brand and development, and of course – social media. Much of this can be undertaken at NO cost…

Content is key…!

VENUES: Another example: do you have a meeting room or party venue? Every day it stands empty is lost revenue. An extra Friday and Saturday night rental, and the initial marketing costs could be covered – with every additional booking after that being profit!

AWARENESS: Building awareness of your charity is another thing you can do – website development (from scratch for surprisingly little budget, or input to your existing site) – online marketing using social media – PR – traditional leaflets and advertising: all tried and tested options and can be free / very cheap.

FUNDING: There might even be a way to obtain funding from government bodies, volunteer sector grants, local authority, bag funds, etc.


If any of this is of interest I’m happy to try and help. One of the main reasons I set up Monton Marketing is to be able to work with charities and social enterprises in my own time at my own expense where possible. So - give me a call / send an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 0775 4477346 /