How we can help

How we can help

Reviews and plans

Monton Marketing Company will work with your existing marketing department, or any appropriate personnel, to review existing plans and clarify all opportunities to reach your optimum target markets.

Marketing Plan

After the review stage, a comprehensive marketing and PR strategy and plan can be developed, with all areas – existing and new – covered in detail, to ensure maximum value for your budget.

All levels of planning and activity

We have extensive experience in reviewing requirements, working with existing staff if appropriate - or individually if needed - and developing the optimum strategy. We know that this is only a starting point and we also provide pragmatic assistance to help you make things happen for your organisation in a cost-effective, productive manner.

Flexible support to help you succeed

We can work on a project basis, or agree a set time a month for an overall level of input. Another advantage we can offer is that The Monton Marketing Company can provide services from Monton, avoiding office and set up costs for your company. If preferred we can work from your offices for some of the contracted time. We can be as flexible as needed, to suit all clients.

Introductory Offer

You may be eligible for a FREE consultation and project evaluation - up to half a day of consultancy and a written report detailing our approach to your business – nothing to lose.