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SME Marketing

SME Marketing

Monton Marketing Company has years of experience marketing small businesses, including new enterprise (business/product) launches, practice in making the most of limited budgets, specialist local marketing knowledge, PR activity and specific promotions.With small budgets for expensive campaigns (such as a series of newspaper ads?) you have to be sure that any advertising will pay for itself, either with additional revenue or by achieving a specific goal for the organisation

Monton Marketing Company: Sample Marketing / PR Options

Professional marketing / PR consultation leading to a top line marketing and PR strategy. An initial half day is recommended to develop a marketing plan which can include any or all of the elements below

Initial consultation:

Marketing Strategy, including:

  • website and online goals
  • Targeting decisions to consider all potential clients
  • Identification of Marketing and PR opportunities
  • Report and written strategy provided

Total cost approx £200

A small reduction may be available for charities and small business initial set up strategies.

Example options

Please note – the following are actual product prices, but should only be considered an example, as each business strategy will be different depending upon requirements. They can be tailored to meet clients’ needs.

Business pack

  • Professional Logo design
  • 250 Business letterhead (including company branding)
  • 250 Personalised with compliments slip (including company branding)
  • 250 Company business cards
  • Electronic template of logo for use in marketing materials. These can be made available in all necessary formats
  • Electronic template of logo letterhead, for use in emails, as document templates and form invoicing.

Total cost £200

Economies of scale may be possible with larger quantities

Website set-up / redesign

  • services from a professional, long-established company with references.
  • website template,
  • server hosting and email domain names
  • basic technical support
  • easy-to-use content management system that can be changed by you, the customer immediately
  • marketing design services
  • optional support to set up the site and design pages, photographs and images

Prices range from £100 for the most basic version, with all content added by you, via £300 for a basic site with content entered on your behalf with £500 for a more extensive package, £600-£700 for a fairly comprehensive site and around £1200 for a full service option. A fully bespoke solution with personalised pages and ecommerce options can be produced, and Monton Marketing has well-researched contacts which can be recommended.

Alternative pricing is available for all individual elements of this service

Additional options

  • detailed marketing action plan with dates and timings
  • marketing materials (such as leaflets)
  • direct mail including
    • sourcing of best prices for
    • print,
    • postage
    • fulfilment where required, for small quantity mailings (less than 10 a week) up to 1,000,000 items at a time
    • copy writing
    • mailer design
    • project management
    • results tracking and evaluation
  • press release writing
  • press release distribution and follow up
  • actually carrying out the marketing/PR plan including
    • placing orders
    • contacting newspapers
    • developing contacts
    • etc